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Painting with Light

I remember when got my first camera over 40 years ago, the magic it brought has sustained me ever since then to always be a professional photographer. The digital transition at the turn of the century renewed the curiosity of new ideas and possibilities with-in the craft of photography but nothing has got me as excited as making images using a technique called ‘Painting with Light’. It is a very tedious process that involves every part of what I have learned over the past 42 years as a photographer along with the additional patience to put together the pieces in Photoshop. The results are something that cannot be duplicated traditionally but can be used across the board from portraiture, architecture, and commercial photography. Painting with Light has opened up exciting and new artistic opportunities and has become a main focus in my work today. – 828-776-8109

Before and After Slide show demonstrates the dramatic impact of Light Painting to control, capture and display detail by placing and angling the light only where it is desired.